Custom* Restored Hermes 3000 Typewriter
Custom* Restored Hermes 3000 Typewriter
Custom* Restored Hermes 3000 Typewriter
Custom* Restored Hermes 3000 Typewriter
Custom* Restored Hermes 3000 Typewriter
Custom* Restored Hermes 3000 Typewriter
Custom* Restored Hermes 3000 Typewriter
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Custom* Restored Hermes 3000 Typewriter

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WE ARE FULLY BOOKED. If you wish to purchase a fully restored Hermes 3000, please get in touch first. 

This listing is for a customized HERMES 3000 typewriter in PRISTINE condition including a free gift of our special DE LUXE TYPEWRITER CLEANING KIT and a set of 3 new ink ribbons of your choice. If you order this - we will ship you:

A HERMES 3000 typewriter within 14 business days of the same model, color, style.

You will receive:

*A beautiful, seafoam HERMES 3000 typewriter
* Re-printed HERMES 3000 manual
* Original HERMES cleaning brush
*Our DIY Typewriter Cleaning Kit with special tips on how to clean and maintain your typewriter
*3 new ink ribbons of your choice (black, black/red, purple)
*FINE typewriter typing paper
*FREE GIFT of our selection

About us
We are a premium typewriter repair shop and we supply HERMES typewriters of highest quality. We specialize in HERMES 3000 typewriters and are the only typewriter repair shop to make new custom rubber feet for this model. The photos you see - are of the latest HERMES 3000 typewriter we sold to a happy customer. We have specialized in professional restoration of HERMES typewriter supplied from the heart of Switzerland.

PLEASE, note - every typewriter has a unique serial number and unique marks, there will be a slight variation in the cosmetic condition of the typewriter due to it's age and vintage nature - nevertheless, our typewriter are extensively treated, restored, checked and fine tuned to bring you an ultimate typewriter which will be functional and working for many more decades. (e.g. notice sometimes there is slight paint wear near the space bar). We send pictures before and after restoration process.

*Keys: All work perfectly
*Ribbon: Fresh high-quality black or red/black ribbon (500+ A4 pages + 3 new ribbons)
*Mechanics: All functioning
*Exterior: Excellent condition!
*Keyboard: Pica or Elite typeface QWERTZ keyboard
*Year made: Est. 1966
*Platen condition: NEW platen (90 Shore A)

Weight: 7.4 kg / 16 lb

About Hermes 3000 Typewriter
Presenting to you the iconic Hermes 3000 typewriter with mint green keys and body. Hermes typewriters were developed in Switzerland by the Paillard company, which started out making music boxes in the early 19th century and later transitioned to typewriters in early 1920s. Hermes 3000 is possibly the most famous and cool typewriter ever. It features:

- Beautiful seafoam keys
- Sexy curvy design
- Durable yet very delicate mechanics
- Heavy duty metal case for ultimate protection
- Unlimited functionality (3 color settings)

Notes on restoration
Important: This typewriter has been completely restored. It has new felt pads, platen rubber, feed rollers rubber, new custom feet matching the original ones, new springs, etc. It is guaranteed FULLY professionally serviced, cleaned and is spotless! It has been disassembled for cleaning, every part of it has been polished and cleaned to a shine, including all the keys, external body and case. It also has brand new rubber key rest for ultimate noise reduction. This typewriter also has brand new felt pad on the bottom again - for cleanliness and noise reduction. It is reset to factory settings and adjusted and this is why it is always best to buy a restored, serviced machine that is 100% reliable and will not need maintenance in the next 1 year. This typewriter will last at least a lifetime. It comes delivered right to your doorstep, the only thing you need is to supply paper and start typing. I am very confident in the fully working condition of this machine which has been fully serviced and this is why I offer a 1 year warranty.

Typewriter Condition
This typewriter is in outstanding condition - both cosmetic and mechanical! It types as smooth as butter and looks amazing! It has original metal spools marked "Hermes" which are quite uncommon nowadays. It features brand NEW feet which have been 3D printed to original design and factory color (gray). The platen and feed rollers and have been refurbished. Bell works like a charm, carriage advances smoothly. There are almost no visible scratches on the outside body (high quality detail pictures on request). The chrome plated metal parts look very good. The case is overall in good condition as well, cleaned and polished. It works great - including the automatic lock on the front. Overall, this typewriter is in amazing condition! All mechanics are fully working, 100% tested. For a type out, please see pictures. The typeface is very beautiful, big and elegant. It is a PICA typeface, meaning there are 10 characters in 1 inch, which is a very elegant, small font which means you can type more words on the same A4 page compared to PICA typeface typewriters for example. The keyboard is QWERTZ layout, for English speakers the "Y" key has a different position. For international speakers there are extra symbols - umlaut for German speakers, tilde "ñ" for Spanish speakers and more extra letters.

This typewriter comes with new ink (black and red) and original brushes (set of 2), manual, leaflets and original purchase receipts.

The machine is finished off with a protective, museum-quality wax in order to protect the paint from oxidation, dirt, scratches and fingerprints.

Follow us on Instagram @AmsterdamTypewriter for inspiration, insight on serviced and rare typewriters and tips on maintenance. If you are looking for a specific typewriter or other Hermes models - let me know, I can match you with your dream typewriter, I have a wide collection of typewriters from different periods, colors and functionalities.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please, note that custom duties, import taxes and other fees are at expense of the buyer.

Contact me for more questions - I am happy to help you further.

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Real vintage one with professional seller

I am really satisfied with customer service as well as typewriter itself. The seller sincerely answered my inquiries during restoration, and let me know the process. Also she sended several photos while she was working so I was able to know about restoration. They provided fast and safe delivery, package tracking and notice. The machine perfectly works. I can type letters smoothly. I rate 10/10, for the typewriter and service.

Jeffrey B.

A truly incredible Hermes 3000 typewriter...

A truly incredible Hermes 3000 typewriter that is beautifully restored in perfect working order. As much as I was awe struck when I saw the typewriter I was equally in awe at how amazingly fast the shipping was given the distance. I was guided every step of the way in the needs of a typewriter and surprised with the accessories it came with. Thank you so much for everything!

Jonathon P.

My experience with Bilyana & Amsterdam Typ...

My experience with Bilyana & Amsterdam Typewriter has been hands down the pinnacle of any experience I have had in all my 45 years when it comes to the exchange of goods & services. This fully restored Hermes 3000 typewriter arrived in gorgeous condition with not so much as a single finger print on it. The packaging was as intricate as a thought—just remarkably taken care of. In this package was beautifully detailed documentation, certificates, instructions, typing paper, cleaning kit, extra ribbon. This typewriter traveled all the way from 1960, to the Netherlands, and then all the way to southern California. Throughout this incredible journey Bilayana was with it and me the entire time. The machine is a masterpiece of care and consideration. Bilyana is someone who astonishes me with her brilliance. Thank You.