Typewriter Rentals

Looking to rent a typewriter for an event? We supply typewriters for weddings, ceremonies, receptions, workshops, movies, TV series, plays, writer events, libraries, private events and more.


Our typewriters are professionally serviced in excellent working condition and come with new ink (in a color of your choice). 

You can rent a typewriter for your wedding day and let your guests type special messages and wishes in your wedding book on our vintage typewriters for an unforgettable experience.


You can also rent a typewriter from us for your workshop, or a fun activity such as writing letters in bottles?

How does it work?

To hire a typewriter, we require a small deposit plus a rental fee. The rental fee depends on the typewriter rented and begins from €75 per week or €45 per 3 days.

The typewriter comes with instructions and a manual on how to use it, how to take care of it and how to store it. It comes with 10 complimentary sheets of fine vintage typing paper for letters/invitations/writing.

You are free to pick up the typewriter at no extra costs. You can also have the typewriter shipped to you at an extra charge of 21.50 (for both directions). The rental starts the moment the courier delivers the typewriter and ends when the typewriter is shipped back to us.

When we receive the typewriter back from you in the same state as it is given to you (no damage, missing parts and in same working condition) we will refund you the deposit.

Rental conditions

1. Rentals fees vary per typewriter - but start at 75.00 euro per week. Transport in both ways costs 21.50 euro.

2. The deposit is 50% of the value of the typewriter, with a minimum of 95 EUR. If you fail to return the typewriter after the 1 week - you will be charged a fee of 75.00 euro per every following week for which you have failed to return the typewriter. After 3 weeks - you will loose 100% of your deposit.

3. Every typewriter is rented in a fully working condition, unless otherwise mentioned. Upon returning the typewriter to us, we will examine if it is in the same state and condition as when we rented it. If it is in the same condition - you will receive the full amount of the deposit on your bank account. Any costs related to replacement of parts, refurbishing, repair caused by damage from the renting party will be deducted from the deposit.

4. You are free to pick up the typewriter at out location at no extra charges at an Van Musschenbroekstraat 205, The Netherlands.

5. No cancelations or refunds accepted.

6. If there are questions - always contact us. We stay available for your questions and we will do our best for you to have an amazing rental.

Interested to see what types and colors of typewriters we have available?

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