About us

Welcome to Amsterdam Typewriter!

We are a one-man shop established in 2020.

The appeal of typewriters: slowing down, escapism, inspiration

In the recent years, it seems like a new trend has cultured - a trend of "slow living". This was an inevitable outcome of the fast-paced, digitalized world we live in.

The main message of "slow living" is about consuming less and taking a slower approach to everyday life. It seems everyone is striving for a simpler, more sustainable and meaningful life.

And here come typewriters - a magnificent invention of a long bygone era.

Vintage typewriters remind us to slow down.

Typewriters are especially appealing because they provide a sense of escapism.

Typing on a typewriter lets us slow down and retreat in a different world and mindset.

They are easy to use, they are not demanding, they are just there - on your desk. No WiFi password needed or a charging station. You might want to brew a cup of tea, sit back, relax and type out your thoughts - without much focus, attention or even thinking.

Typewriters can be therapeutical in a way.

Each typewriter has a story to tell and this is why I devote my free time to restoring them. 

What makes them even more special? They are not being made anymore - they are the last of a kind.

It is surprisingly rewarding to stoke each key top and watch how the typewriter turns a simple mechanical action into ink.

Or hear the melodic sound of the bell? That sound - you will get lost in.

So - unplug and relax, enjoy the therapeutic effect of typewriters.


- Bilyana Vladimirova